The Fall Doins

Emmick Ranch @ China Harbor. October 25–26–27, 6024
Our Noble Grand Humbug, Tad “Wave Hog” Hillier, AL‑XXXI, and China Harbor welcomes ECV DLGYP 1.5 Back.
Bring your own water, plate, knife, fork & spoon. Lock the gate behind you. ABSOLUTELY NO FIRES!
Print the Proclamation!

Holiday Ball

December 21 at the Odd Fellows Hall in SLO. Overnight parking/camping will be available. More information to follow.

Monthly Bastardos Dinners

The Brothers of Equal Indignity meet on the second Thursday of each month at various local establishments or private properties for libations and fraternization.
To receive notice of these events, please contact Phil Landfried or check back here a couple days before, for the latest proclamation