Nick Koonce will host the May 9, Bastardo’s dinner, on his family’s historic Willowbrook Ranch. This picture shows the milking barn of Willowbrook Dairy, as it sat near, what is now Wood Glen Hall, on the corner of Foothill Rd. & Alamar Avenue. When the family began to demolish that old barn, they discovered an odd network of pipes leading up through the rafters from beneath the wood floor. Further investigation lead to the discovery of an elaborate underground distillery setup. Speculation at the time was that Willowbrook Dairy was a front for a prohibition era moonshine operation. Since then, the Koonce family has built homes, planted avocados, raised livestock but kept the name Willowbrook Ranch.

Nick and a couple of potential blue shirts will serve Santa Maria Style BBQ with all the fix’ns.
Bring your own beverages and please drive slowly on the narrow and treacherous private ranch road to 841 E. Alamar Ave. Santa Barbara, CA 93015.
It’s not really on the maps so, just drive to the far east end of Alamar and look for ECV signs.

The Rub is $25.

After you sign up per usual, you can pay cash on arrival or